The digitalisation of the banking industry brings many benefits in terms of cyber security, regulatory compliance or improved systems and customer experience. The value is mainly seen in online banking, secure or contactless mobile payments, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, electronic or digital vaults or FinTech services.

Banks and insurance companies are making the best use of the maturity of Big Data and artificial intelligence in analysing large amounts of information to anticipate risks or speed up assistance, while maintaining the protection of personal data and collaboration between systems.

Digital transformation continues to bring new benefits to citizens in terms of e-government, digital passports, smart cities or data protection, while improving the efficiency and economic and environmental costs of administrative processes.

This rapid technological development is accompanied by necessary security measures, in areas as diverse as video surveillance image recognition, Big Data analysis of geolocation or the implementation of autonomous vehicles. It is also worth mentioning the reducing impact of technology on online behaviour such as information manipulation, deepfake and phishing.