Business Analysis & User Experience Competence Centre – ASTEK Polska

We are a team of experts with advanced expertise in the areas of user experience design, visual design and business analysis.

On an everyday basis, BA&UX project teams are responsible for ‘translating’ the business requirements of the target client into functionalities that developers can understand. Our specialists are thus a kind of bridge between the developers and the business clients and their expectations. From the perspective of business partners, Analysts or Designers are the so-called ‘human face of IT’.

BA&UX Competence Centre – specialists

  • Pracownik

    Business Analyst

  • Pracownik

    Technical Business Analyst

  • Pracownik

    Business Analyst Lead

  • Pracownik

    UX Researcher

  • Pracownik

    UX Designer

  • Pracownik

    UX Lead

  • Pracownik

    Motion Designer

  • Pracownik

    Graphic Designer

  • Pracownik

    UI Designer

  • Pracownik

    UI Lead

  • Pracownik

    Technical Writer

UX, UI, visual design and business analysis services – benefits

  • Facilitating the process of making key decisions on further product development

  • Focusing on key processes and activities

  • Optimising costs

  • Solving design problems

  • Developing a fast-track for improved solutions

  • Optimising products and their processes

  • Providing an access to an interesting, broad set of competencies of our consultants

  • More than 90% of our UI, UX, GD and BA specialists are skilled in sourcing requirements using a variety of techniques, including interviews, brainstorming, workshops, process observation,
  • 100% of the consultants of the BA&UX Competence Centre have highly developed communication and knowledge acquisition skills that allow them to propose the most optimal solutions for the development of products of clients,
  • More than 70% of our consultants are able to act as both BA and Team Coordinator / Proxy Product Owner,
  • We are skilled in diagnosing and solving design problems – we will analyse AS-IS and TO-BE scenarios and propose the optimal solution,
  • Software Enterprise Architect, JIRA, Visio are the most popular applications used for diagramming, process mapping and requirements management, on which we work.
  • More than 85% of our consultants integrate the expertise of two disciplines – design and research,
  • Our UX specialists are experienced in prototyping both low and high fidelity products,
  • 100% of our consultants are highly experienced in steering the User Cantered Design process and applying usability best practices to their projects,
  • Over 70% of our consultants are skilled in leading and co-facilitating Design Thinking workshops – and over 50% of them can lead such workshops remotely,
  • 56% of our UX designers are competent in Adobe Photoshop skills,
  • The most popular and commonly used prototyping software we use is Axure, followed by Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD.
  • All our specialists have expertise in the elements and principles of visual design,
  • More than 85% of our consultants are highly qualified experts in the area of vector illustration design,
  • Over 70% of our consultants are highly experienced in the design of print materials,
  • Over 50% of our Designers are also competent in the field of animation design,
  • Over 90% of our consultants offer skills in Microsoft and Google applications.
  • We provide each consultant, new to our team, with thoroughgoing onboarding,
  • We are constantly expanding our competencies and skills – we provide in-house training, inspirational knowledge sharing sessions, mentoring and UX traineeships,
  • We have a unique Slack community – we hold online and offline team building meetings,
  • We track and map the skills of our consultants and gather feedback on their work to improve it,
  • We support the work of various departments at ASTEK Polska – most often working with the sales and recruitment departments,
  • We feature an internal structure, built for the client – we provide a team leader for each skill.

Goals of the BA&UX team

The objective of the BA&UX team is first and foremost to fulfil expectations of business clients and meet the needs of end users, in order to help companies grow. Our services enable projects to be carried out successfully - matching the final products to the expectations of their users.

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