Competence Centre for Advanced Data Analytics – ASTEK Polska

Competence Centre for Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) specialises in the most sought-after competencies in the market at present, in the following field areas: Cloud, Big Data and AI.

Our team supports organisations by conducting a problem-free migration of their business to the cloud. As part of the process: we identify and prioritise the transformation opportunity taking place, evaluate and improve the readiness of the organisation for the change and develop a cloud migration strategy.

The leading technology on which we work is the AWS, which is the market leader in cloud computing. Thanks to this type of partnership, we are able to build our skills, competencies and visibility of ASTEK Polska faster, while attracting new talent and acquiring business opportunities

Our team currently consists of 220 qualified cloud computing specialists, 85% of whom are senior level positions. Our objective for 2023 is to become the largest Competence Centre of ASTEK Polska.

Cloud solutions – services

  • Pracownik

    Optimisation of cloud solutions

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  • Pracownik


  • Pracownik

    Data ​Engineering​

  • Pracownik

    Migration to the cloud

  • Pracownik

    Data Science​

Data in the cloud – advantages for business

  • Maximising quality at the optimum price

  • Protecting information, systems and stored resources

  • Ensuring maximum performance of resources (instances, databases, memory)

  • Ensuring that the system continues to operate according to defined criteria and that it is efficiently restored after a potential breakdown

  • Operational excellence

What is FinOps?

FinOps is an acronym that symbolises the combination of the fields of financial management and the DevOps-based approach. It encompasses a set of practices that facilitate the on-going control of the costs of using the cloud while ensuring that the benefits are maximised at a business level. Storing data in the cloud has greatly simplified the management of IT infrastructure and reduced the time needed, for example, to order new computing capacity. Migration to the cloud has automated and optimised many operational and business processes. The new challenge for such solutions is now becoming the control and optimisation of cloud costs. FinOps is an approach that enables cloud solutions to be delivered faster to clients, experimenting with technologies or business models, minimising the costs incurred. Working on the basis of this, we provide clients with added value to the solutions offered.

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